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Teak is an IMAP mail client written in php-gtk (gtk+ bindings for php). It's main goal has been to see what I can do with the php-gtk extension. Currently it supports multiple IMAP mail servers. I have not looked at supporting POP3/NNTP though it should be fairly easy given PHP's abilities.

Before asking question please read the Teak FAQ


July 24th, 2002 Website Update
Updated the website to reflect how Teak looks at the moment. Version 0.50 should be out soon and includes database folder support, sending using an external SMTP server a slightly smarter looking GUI..

February 21st, 2002 Teak 0.20 Released
This release includes support for multiple servers, much better config file format, message parsing fixes, improved MIME type support as well as several smaller features and many bug fixes. As always it's available from the sourceforge download page.

November 30th, 2001 Teak 0.10 Released
This is the first tarball release. There still plenty left to do but I felt it was time to make the code more readily available. You can download the tarball from the sourceforge download page.

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