Teak FAQ

  1. What is Teak?
    Teak is an IMAP mail client written using php and gtk+.

  2. What is the currently released version?
    The currently released version is 0.20. You can download the source from the Teak download page.

  3. I've compiled php and php-gtk but every gtk+ app I try just seg faults?
    This is because by default (at least RedHat's) IMAP package is compiled against kerberos. Unfortunatly both kerberos and gtk have a function called g_strdup (that do different things!). In this case kerberos' g_strdup is being called instead of gtk's. The easist way around this is to do this:
    export LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libglib.so
    before starting the application.

  4. Which version of php/gtk-php do I need?
    You will need at least PHP 4.2.0 and php-gtk 0.50. I usually grab the latest CVS of php-gtk to work against (as it is also under development).

  5. Will it ever support feature X?
    Like most open source projects the answer is yes, if you code it! I have plans to implement mutilple server support, spell checking, and the ability to save mail into a database (at this point it will be Mysql). POP3 and NNTP should be fairly easy since PHP supports these through the IMAP libs (though POP3 would require some local storage option).

  6. Can I help?
    Of course, somebody to handle the website and docs would be nice, not to mention implementing any of the features above would be great. Also at some point I need to overall the entire configuratation section. There's no reason Teak shouldn't be able to handle multipls servers, it's just a matter of code. If there's any other features you think should be added let me know (rdp at users.sourceforge.net).

  7. What features does it currently support?
    • Reading mail from multiple IMAP server
    • Compose mail and send via local SMTP server
    • Built in address book (data store can be Files, Databases or LDAP server)
    • Drag and Drop copy between servers

  8. What's planned for the next version (0.50)
    • Storing mail in database folders (Mysql and Pgsql)
    • Sending via remote SMTP servers
    • Searching for messages
    • Plenty of bug fixes (and of course new bugs)

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